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The business world has undergone a sea change in the last several years. Tried and true strategies no longer work as well or at all and stakeholders, from employees to suppliers to customers, have different expectations and needs. Technology is changing faster than ever. Operations need revamping at minimum and reimagined if broken.

As in all change environments, opportunities sprout. However, your company may be hamstrung in taking advantage of them for a host of reasons. You and your team may even doubt their suitability or not have the bandwidth to develop a realistic roadmap to vetting and capitalizing on them.


How We Deliver Value

Got Your Back Solutions brings together virtual management teams and contributors. We are a unique hybrid of strategy consulting, planning, and implementing corporate, organizational and functional strategies. As either adjunct advisors or a ready-made squad, we work side by side with your team to successfully implement operational improvements.

Our strategy and operations consulting services merge enterprise best practices with nimble, online executions, based on our breadth and depth of experience from Fortune 500 companies to online service providers. 

We strategically create, manage, and implement solutions across business disciplines for small to mid-size businesses. Our 360-degree consulting services include strategic planning, research, marketing, sales, fundraising, program and project management, event management, relations management, operations, ad systems optimization, data privacy, and technology solutions management.

We follow these guiding principles –

  • Developing executable strategies, based on a 360-degree approach
  • Creating sustainable practices that ensure business longevity
  • Fostering a trusted partnership
  • Building business resiliency
  • Simplifying complexity
  • Adapting to change in practical ways
  • Going beyond tradition to find what works for today and the future
  • Avoiding pitfalls in complying to rules and regulations



Data Privacy

Expertise in consulting with Fortune 500 companies on the ever-changing landscape and risks of privacy management. We provide up-to-date approaches, tools, processes and communications to support regulation compliance (GDPR, PIPEDA, CASL, and CPRA) in Europe, Canada, the United States, and other countries where fines for non-compliance can cost a company multi-millions of dollars.


Deep experience in fundraising for non-profit institutions with average annual results up to $10 million for higher education, arts, and social services.

Expert Research

We offer fast, superior performance, concrete results, and measurement in business intelligence, product evaluation, trend analysis, and investigations. Our foundational support for business purchases, acquisitions, and divestitures helps our clients derive optimal benefit.


Why Engage Us?

Your company’s situation is unique. However, here are some common reasons clients ask for our help:

  1. You have a big project to accomplish and can’t resource it with the right expertise quickly.
  2. You and your team are dealing with a strategic fork in the road and need outside research and guidance to feel confident choosing.
  3. Some operations are struggling and may be hurting the business, but the fix is unclear.
  4. Your company has a big problem to solve and needs help breaking it into its pieces and parts to find an innovative solution(s).
  5. You need to augment your existing team for a short period in marketing, sales, HR or finance with people who come onboard as partners, not advisors.
  6. Your company wants to get to the next level with more ease.
  7. Your business is changing direction and change management assistance is critical to bring your team along.

Prefer a Roadmap Instead?
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Got Your Back Solutions is a one-stop-shop for everything an online entrepreneur needs. We handle everything from product development, marketing and sales, right-fit and scalable technology, best practices, to rules and regulation compliance. 

The best part? Our team is fully trained in all aspects of this space, so you won’t have to worry about vetting (and keeping!) talented and productive staff.

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