Measure Key Performance Indicators and Trends

Without measuring, you really don’t how well your business is doing, how much opportunity is available, which business aspects to grow and how to continuously improve. Revenue is the most-watched data point. However, in our digital world, there is a huge amount of data available. It’s a business asset important to success. For example, your website can be a great source of intelligence on your potential clients. But it can be challenging to know what to look for. Then how do you analyze it and know how to use it?

Got Your Back Solutions can help. We identify transformational metrics, meaning the indicators that help you understand how to transform and grow your business. We put together things like the cost of your client lifecycle and return on investment (ROI). We look at the productivity of your operations and assess where your business can improve. We teach you what your key performance indicators (KPI) should be and what trends you should monitor for success.

Common Frustrations

I know what my business offers is what people need, but I am – 

  • too busy to figure out the data from my email program and make changes based on it.
  • unclear how to implement a web analytics system.
  • unsure what the Facebook metrics are telling me. Are people really seeing my posts?
  • not understanding my real expenses to know what my ROI actually is.
  • just happy to have clients but don’t know how much they actually cost me to obtain and keep.
  • paying employees and don’t know if I’m getting the best return value.
  • new to establishing a business and don’t know what metrics to look at.
  • overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

How You Benefit

  • Understand what drives your business’ ROI
  • Know where to put your time and attention
  • See where you’re doing better to do more of that and where you’re doing worse to take corrective action
  • Learn what benchmark performance is in your industry
  • Build your business
  • Get peace of mind you’re monitoring the right things

Whether you need to implement web analytics, understand email response rates, capture social KPIs, etc. we have your back for success. Let’s discuss your requirements today.

Why work with us?


Our team is expert at identifying operational KPIs, implementing data capture, building reports and dashboards, analyzing the information and delivering insights.

Our approach is a 360˚ measurement and reporting solution for your unique business. We understand benchmark performance and craft an end-to-end solution to give you the green – yellow – red signals to inform management of your business.

Our focus is building a turnkey measurement structure and teaching you how to use the information to make good decisions.

Got Your Back Solutions is a one-stop-shop for everything an online entrepreneur needs. We handle everything from product development, marketing and sales, right-fit and scalable technology, best practices, to rules and regulation compliance. 

The best part? Our team is fully trained in all aspects of this space, so you won’t have to worry about vetting (and keeping!) talented and productive staff.

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