Executive Administrative Assistants

Confidential, high-level support.

Confidential, Expert General Administration and Project Support

You need someone who is not only skilled in business and project management but a team member who can keep your working life organized and smooth while representing your company on brand to clients, vendors and partners. Our executive administrative assistants slot right in with the right skills and professionalism. They can be your right hand to make your momentum fly!

How are Executive Assistant Services different than Virtual Assistant Services?

Although executive administrative assistants handle general administrative tasks too, they can independently manage projects, collaborate with a range of stakeholders, represent the company’s brand effectively, handle confidential and critical information and coordinate work across teams. They are like personal assistants, office managers, and administrative staff rolled into one. They are often given communications to write. And they do all this with discretion.

Executive assistants also are experienced in problem solving and making judgments and decisions that may contribute to the foundation of your operations.

General Administration
  • Calendar management
  • Special projects
  • Team collaboration
  • Office services
  • Process set up
  • Manage other team members as needed
Relationship Building
  • High-touch, personal communications with clients
  • Hand-holding customer support and problem solving
  • Getting to know client needs and figuring out ways to meet them
  • Helping sales teams with outreach
  • Engaging with audiences on social media
Event and Meeting Planning and Facilitation
  • Logistics set up
  • Manage customer relationship management system
  • Create invitations and announcements
  • Manage invoices and accounting
  • Prepare materials
  • Take minutes
  • Compose, format and edit communications of all types
  • Proofread
  • Manage mailings
Travel Coordination
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Manage travel memberships
  • Handle expense reporting

In a short consultation, we learn your requirements and match you with an executive administrative assistant who can immediately partner with you. We set monthly objectives with you and monitor successful accomplishment. We ensure your expectations are met. Engagements run for as long as you need them with a 90-day minimum.

All our executive administrative assistants are US-based and trained to work effectively remotely. We vet them carefully and support them with Got Your Back Solutions strategy development and problem-solving for your unique circumstances.

Got Your Back Solutions is a one-stop-shop for everything a small business needs. We handle everything from product development, marketing and sales, right-fit and scalable technology, best practices, to rules and regulation compliance. 

The best part? Our team is fully trained in all aspects of this space, so you won’t have to worry about vetting (and keeping!) talented and productive staff.

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